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N-E-O's "RaZoR" GT AWD

AWD CONVERSION 2006 Eclipse GT SE (manual transmission).

I'm Eclipse fan. I have Eclipse G2 AWD T-top , Eclipse GSX and Eclipse GT.

About my car

4th generation Mitsubishi Eclipse GT SE. complete set (manufacturer's lip, leather interior, climate control, 6 airbags).

The engine 6G75 (V6 3.8 liter Mivec)

This is my dream! I've been wanting a G4, but never saw her alive. Long searched the car on the American auctions, as well as bring in Russian Federation 3.8 liters is not really the planned motorized 2.4. EPIC with buying lasted not less than six months and ended so that fellow from Minsk invited 3.8 mechanics. In Belarus, I went and not knowing what's in it for the machine. Price and condition of the machine I have, on the road to Moscow I've dreamed about a forthcoming sale of tunned cars.

Plans for the future more than grandiose. As far as I know, nobody in the world built AWD GT biturbo version. This is what we get!

This would GT-class car, 500 + forces, four-wheel drive, manual, leather interior with climate and music.

Sony , Soundstatus , Herz

MADcustoms front bumper
Vinyl green apple
APR GTC-200 carbon wing
HALO Projectors

Engine and Exhaust
6G75 Mivec
Wiseco pistons STD Bore 95.0mm, Stroke 90mm, CR 8.5, Pin 22mm
BC rods Sportsman Series w/ARP2000
ACL bearing
Tial blowoff
twin Tial wastegate
twin GT3071
MADcustoms intake
MADcustoms Exhaus
XO2 intercooler
Mishimoto radiator
Mocal oil radiator
AWD transmission EVO IX 6spd
AWD transfer EVO RS
Rear suspension endeavor
rear diff mmc

Suspension, Wheels, Tires and Brakes
XYZ suspension
RAYS wheels 19'' 10.5J
Yokohama Advan A102 tires
Brembo 380x32 6pot front brake
Brembo 380x30 4pot rear brake
Goodridge brakeline

start long story ....


Bitches Love a Sinner
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Great work bro!

You should get some of your pics in your first post and show off that beast!

North 4G Korea dissident
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i wanna know how you did the AWD conversion !

BTW, i spent a few days in Moscow 7 years ago, great city ! quite crazy from a westerner point of view, to be honest (in a good way !) !!

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Holy shit. I thought that was just another photoshopped pic in another thread and didn't comment. But this is good stuff!

Scrape Artist
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Scrape Artist
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photos of engine?
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