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HELLO everyone, I'm having trouble with my convertible top. I was verifying what could be wrong and found out that its very low on hydraulic fluid. I have search everywhere to buy the hydraulic fluid part number 6559a074 and cant find it anywhere. The only site that I found that sells it wont ship to Puerto Rico. Can anyone help me find this oil or a replacement oil that works for convertible tops hydraulic system.

In case your wandering whats the problem with the top:

First the top wouldn't go up. So i proceeded to close it manually
Then, I tried to open the top again and the #5 bow went up but the tonneau cover wouldn't. I saw what i think COULD be hydraulic fluid on the passenger side. So maybe I have a leak but I don't know how to check for leaks in the system. Anyways I need the fluid because is below the low line and that way if the system is leaking I could see it better. Please help.
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