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Perfect for a turbo build, the kits are available once again. This new kit is very similar to my old kit, however it reflects the price changes in the last 4 months, and now includes ARP head and main studs. These are all parts I have personally tested and abused. I have my motor happily revving to 7800rpm on this setup on 21psi of boost currently with a stock head. The beauty of the 8.2:1 compression is that you can run pump gas, and with the profile of the 4G69 cams being what they are, boost comes on FAST (the OEM cams respond amazing to boost)

Included are:

-ARP Head studs

-ARP Main studs

-Brian Crower rods with ARP2000+ fasteners (ARP 625 also available)

-Wiseco pistons, in your choice of 87mm (drop in) or 87.5mm bore. ~8.2:1 compression

-Wiseco piston ring sets

-ACL racing series tri layer main bearings

-ACL racing series tri layer rod bearings

-ACL thrust washers

Price is $1450USD paid over PayPal, and includes shipping in the continental United States. For those elsewhere, PM me for pricing.

Adjustments can also be made to the kit to suit your needs as well.


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Nice this looks promising I like this kit! And all the goodies it brings for the price.

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