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Got another question about stronger engine components.
I already have ARP head studs, planning buy ACL bearings and evo 9 rods.
Looks like after install this components engine should be stronger, and easy handle expected power gain.
By the way it is possible to create custom stronger pistons maybe cast but (11.5:1 ratio)
So the basic question is should I install stronger components to engine for nitrous or keep it stock

So Uh.. The 4g69 is pretty strong. i've been running a 50ws since mid June and i've ran atleast a dozen 10lb bottles through the system. Since getting my N/A tune through Saber I haven't tried it, mainly because I'm really not tuned for it now lol. I'm on a stock fuel pump, stock internals. Not to say these concerns you have aren't well-warranted, but as long as you don't try to boost under 2,000rpm or massively mis-read the jet labels; You're going to be fine. Get an AFR gauge and be nice to your transmission. Now this is where i give the disclaimer: I am not a professional anything, all i know is that i ran for 6 or 7 months on a stock tune and hitting it every chance i got on the weekends. Never had any misfires, never blew any welds on my intake, and my floor pans stayed attached to the car. Do with this information as you will.
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