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Just had my check engine light come on, looked up both these errors and I'm hoping the P0137 is causing the PO431 error and it's not a cat problem again. Just replaced my cat 1.5 years ago with a expensive OEM which I regret at this point. I'm guessing it's not the same cat since the eclipse has 2.

Kinda a dumb question, I'm running stock air intake, does upgrading to a aftermarket one help with these cat issues? Also does anyone have any ideas on what could cause these errors? When my cat died before the light went on and off for at least a year before it just turned on, which makes me think this is not the cat since it just came on and doesn't turn off now.

I just don't wanna get ripped off by a shop that is gonna try to replace the cat when that may not even be the issue.

One more thing, the light came on when I was at the coast, on the way home I got 30mpg, I have NEVER gotton that! In town though I'm hitting about 14-15mpg which is HORRIBLE, this makes no sense to me.
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