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Panting interior plastics?

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I bought my GT from a previous owner who painted the roof and some of the plastic interior trim black/gray. It looked good at the time I bought it but over time the plastic trim started peeling really bad revealing the original color under it. The roof still looks fine although it feels weird to touch.

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For the interior A-Pillar trim I found black colored replacements from the Spyder model that look like they will fit.

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I could not find black colored replacements for the rear pillar trim. So the question is how can I paint the interior rear pillar trim to match the A-Pillar trim in a way that it doesn't start peeling over time?

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I'd use gravel guard. It's flexible, and retains texture. Tough as hell too. In fact, my GS interior is covered in it.

To use it, sand and degrease the panels. Then spray it on. Let it cure for a day before it goes in the car at least.
I'll try this. I'm pretty new to painting, how much should it be sanded first?
These black panels in mine for example are all gravel guard coated
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Thanks for the ideas everyone, I'm going to try this one.
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