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So I just recently installed a quick release wheel on my car and I figured I would do a small tutorial on how to do it for anyone who wants one on their car as well. I'll include the picture of the finished product later when I get home.

My car is being used for track-use and show-use only. It is not a daily driver. Quick release steering wheels are illegal in my area and probably yours as well. Check with your local laws before doing this modification on a street car.
Along with being illegal, they make the car more dangerous if not paired with the proper harness and roll bars. You are removing a vital part of the safety system (an airbag). Once again, mine is for track use. I will have a cage and a 5-point harness in my vehicle.
I'm not telling you not to. I'm just saying whatever you do with this information must be used to your own discretion. I'm not responsible for what you decide to do with your car. Just providing the information to do the mod.

1) Disconnect battery. No one wants an air bag exploding in their face.

2) Remove screws with a T30 torx bit on either side of the wheel (One on each side). Mine were a little stuck and took quite a bit of leverage to remove, but they did come out.

3) Pop off the faceplate slowly. There's a few wiring connections you'll need to pop off, but they are pretty simple. Just be careful.

4) Use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the top and bottom plastic cover pieces from the steering column. Not sure if this is necessary or not, mine were already off, but it probably wouldn't hurt to do it anyway.

5) With a 17mm socket, and extension, and a breaker bar.. remove the nut holding the wheel onto the steering column. It'll be on there pretty tight, but you shouldn't need more than like a 12" bar.

6) Pull the wheel off. Warning: the wheel is typically pretty hard to pull off. I'm a large dude and I had to use my whole body and a couple good heaves to pull it off.

7) Remove clock spring. This should just be a few little wiring connections that disconnect easily and it should slide off. While you're in there pull out the plastic piece behind it as well as the spring. Install hub adapter. Make sure your wheels are straight and the logo on the hub adapter is facing directly up. Fasten it on with the 17mm nut from earlier.

9) Install the quick release hub onto the adapter. This will be two wiring connections that slide in easily and 6 M5x.8 12mm screws that came with the adapter. (Don't lose them like I did lol)

10) Install the wheel onto the quick release hub. 6 more of those small screws. Reconnect that battery and put those plastic pieces back in place.

At this point you should be finished. Also, there's probably multiple ways of doing it, maybe even better ways, but this is how I did it and it worked for me. If you need pictures or videos just message me. With the right tools it should take around 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on your skill level and how comfortable you are with tools. I'd imagine even the newest of car guy could do it in under an hour.

Here's a good reference video as well. They do an okay job explaining the process. The visual help is nice.
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My car isn't exactly in the best state right now.. pulling it apart to wire in a new standalone ecu and looking for stuff to strip to lose weight. But here is the end result.
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