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I’m fan of Mitsubishi Eclipse. I have 2 Eclipses 2d Generation and 2 Eclipses 4th Generation. I make tuning. I make turbo and 4 wheel drives for cars which don’t have it form the factory.
My Mitsubishi Eclipse 4G Razor was only the one in the World 4WD models of 4th Generation. Now I already made several more. You can check it on my YouTube channel ZergBush. Also there are many videos about my job in the internet.
I was invited in Kaluga city for presentation of new crossover SUV Mitsubishi EclipseCross. I was a guest and I didn’t plan to make review. But the hospitable owners - the official dealer of Mitsubishi "Kasam Auto" provided an opportunity to spend almost the whole day with this car.
At the beginning, Mitsubishi Motors closed the factory in Illinois. The model line of sports coupes Eclipse ceased to exist. Then start to make crossover Eclipse Cross.
It was 2 the most sadness news for the fan of DSM and Mitsubishi Eclipse model.
The attitude towards the release of the new "eclipse" was extremely negative. How can the legendary eclipse of afterburner be an under-SUV and a re-sedan?
But there are fans of the model, and there are fans of the car brand.
After an interesting dialogue with a real Mitsubishi fan, Sergey Zabedansky, director of the Mitsubishi motors office in Kaluga, I looked at the eclipse cross differently.
I could not resist and did not take pictures of my first impressions of this progressive car for the Mitsubishi car concern.

I shot in one time, without a professional operator. In his role, the manager of the salon of Mitsubishi spoke. Thanks to him that this review took place, although the pictures are not perfect.
Any way it’s my first review and this is review form the fan of true eclipse.
At the end of the video, I placed a part of my performance at the presentation. What I see and feel that I tell. “It’s not drive”
Wish you a pleasant view. Waiting for your like and your comments.
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