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So my annual trip to the track should happen on Sunday, April 19th. Last year I ran a 14.2 trapping at 102, with dismal conditions and street tires. Looking for the magic 13 this year. I will have the following mods....
  • Fujita Intake
  • Ripp Long Tube Headers
  • Full 2.5" Stainless Exhaust w/Aeroturbine 2540i
  • Ripp Front and Rear Poly motor mounts
  • Port/Polished Intake Manifold/Throttle Body
  • TWM Short Shifter
  • Horseater's Radiator Shroud

Possibly the Outlaw Engineering Spacers, depending on time and money.......

I plan on running 26psi up front, and logging all my runs on the GTech. Will also get some video footage in case I do crack a 13! Anybody else want to join me come on up to North Syracuse NY!!
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