Hey guys so my eclipse got totaled. So I am wanting to part it out before I try to send it to the junkyard.

Everything in the car is OEM besides a radiator cap and the MAF. The damage to the car is just the front drivers side and front center is caved in due to a crash.

Rear tail lights: $60 for both plus shipping

Front seats: $25 each plus shipping

Rear seats: $30 plus shipping

Engine: $400 plus shipping if I pull it. $150 if you can come pull it. I do not know the condition of the engine after the crash. Engine appears fine but it has around 184000 miles on it.

Wheels + tires: $120 plus shipping
Tires have less than 6000 miles driven on them, recently purchased before crash

Stock suspension:$90 plus shipping

Stock shift knob: $5 plus shipping

Entire door: $40 plus shipping

Any item purchased would be cleaned before sending it out. Any item not listed that you are curious about, I will give you a price if it is not listed.

I pretty much want to get rid of it entirely if possible. I am located near eastern nc and will gladly trailer to you if you are within 45 miles of me with no extra cost, this is not a project car, this is just a parts car, you would only get a bill of sale if you need it, if you want the title it would be a bit of a waiting time.

Everything in this car is stock besides a radiator cap and the maf. I am willing to pull anything and give you a better look at what the condition is of the item. I have snapchat, messenger, whatsapp, paypal, cashapp, and discord if you would want more info/video of the item. I would like to have it gone by March 15. If not it's going to the junkyard.