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Supercharged 4g69 question

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Hi guys. I've got a question about supercharger option for 4g69. I know about ripp supercharger kits for gs but it is not possible to get such a kit in my country. I'm going to modify exhaust system removing cats with ecu tune. By the way I already have DC sports cai and I like it. It is interesting maybe someone modified intake manifold to install supercharger on it. So the idea is to locate throttle body before supercharged how it should be for the most of supercharged cars. Cold air intake will be connected to supercharger. Most of the sensors on their own positions. Twincharged pic of the evo:
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My idea is to locate supercharger like in this pic.
Waiting for comments from experts. Thanks for your help.

Kind regards, stay tuned
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Doable, but by far the most complex and expensive way to make a GS faster.
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