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First incident:
Took my car in for a diagnostic on an SRS light that popped up out of nowhere. They quoted me $1600 in repairs and would not tell me specifically what work they did to arrive at that value, becoming evasive and defensive when I asked for more information.

It was a blown fuse and cost me literally nothing to fix, as a replacement fuse was in the fuse box cover. I took my car to a Carsmetics, who happily cleared the SRS codes at no charge.

Second Incident:
I sent an email to their service department asking for the availability of part, mb692947 (an interior door grommet used in several places throughout the car). I specifically stated two things: I need 10, and to conduct correspondence via email, not phone.

I received a response from the dealer asking me what kind of new car I was interested in. When I replied (uncouthly; my tolerance for incompetence with them was well past expired) that my email clearly stated I was looking for a part, they then called me, against my specific instructions.

Do not take your car there for service. Do not buy your next vehicle there. Do not do business with Tampa Mitsubishi.
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