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Pics and video will be posted as I take new stuff. I am honestly struggling to thikn of everything I have done to the car. Gonna need help, hahaha. Don't worry though, will get it done.

here are some pre turbo pictures and very early twin turbo videos.

Just the blue car. New pics.
Blue car videos.

I am currently building my updated mods list, stay tuned. I am going to update my car domain page as well in the next few weeks.

Once I get home I will shoot some video in action.

Portland Speed Industries custom turbo kit
Comp Turbo oil-less .82AR
Mishimoto intercooler
Mitsubishi ‘red top’ 565cc injectors
Mitsubishi EVO X fuel pump
Tial 38mm ‘v-band’ wastegates
Horse-eater ported intake manifold
Horse-eater port matched throttle body
Energy Suspension motor mounts
SPAL 1250cfm push fan
SPAL 850cfm push fan
Supertech valve springs
Supertech titanium retainers
Manley .5mm over valves
Custom Import Heads port and polished heads

Clutchmasters stage 4, 6 puck clutch
Clutchmasters aluminum flywheel
TWM short shifter kit
TWM aluminum shift base bushings
TWM really heavy shift knob

AEM UEGO gauge
AEM Tru-boost controller
AEM version 2 stand alone ECU

Wheels, brakes and suspension:
Brembo calipers
Powerslot rotors
BC racing RAM coilovers
Energy suspension bushings, everywhere!
Mitsubishi EVO X wheels (black powder coated)

Horse-eater battery relocater kit
Dark tint
Horse-eater black housing headlights
Horse-eater custom front bumper
Horse-eater radiator shroud
Horse-eater black foglight housings
Horse-eater custom rear bumper
Black Street Shine front lip
Black tail lights
Black spoiler 'delete'
Empty interior (minus eleventy billion pounds)
I don’t remember it all.
Any updates?
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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