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Hi everyone,

I've creeped these forums for a couple of years since getting my Eclipse for ideas on what's working for others and what I should avoid.

About a year ago I saw both the AWD Eclipse that's been created and a video on a Civic Type-R with in-hub electric motors on the rear wheels to help it take off faster and improve fuel efficiency when not throwing down that electric torque.

I'm not an expert in any of this, so I could be totally wrong.

In theory, could we use the rear axle of an Endevour (trying to make things as bolt on as possible), attached to an electric motor designed for an EV (able to take the conditions and RPMs) to get a quasi AWD?

Benefits I see;
- The front wheels would spin less if the rears are helping move us forward.
- If either system screws up, the other can get us home (granted with error lights).
- As the Civic proved we can tap into CANBUS for acceleration and braking commands.
- The Civic also showed the engine ECU doesn't have to know anything for this to work.
- The batteries could help move weight distribution depending on how much capacity.
- In theory with the weight reduction mentioned on these forums, we'd be about the same weight with better traction and acceleration.

Things I don't know;
- Is the fuel tank replacement to allow for the drive shaft? Can we do this without having to change fuel tanks? (Simplicity.)
- How intense the programming will be for the electric motor management.
- Could we grab most of the electrical setup from a i-MiEV? (I'm trying to find a system that balances weight, cost and performance. Tesla's battery is 1,200 lbs by itself.)

I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts on this. Can we improve it, is it viable, etc.

Links; video iQ4lTPVR3qc

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It could be done, I'd tap into the raw data, not CANBUS as I'm not sure it's a BUS line we use for throttle input.

Battery wise, a Tesla battery isn't even best in a Tesla. The Chevy Volt battery is a common swap for them

Yes, other fuel tanks exist, such as AWD endeavor and Evo tanks, but also fuel cells.

Integrating into a rear dif sounds far worse than in hub. You may as well just connect to the engine, you'll see more performance (electric motors run out of steam pretty quickly, they're just high torque at low RPM. It's why they're so terrible in roll races vs vehicles with transmissions).

Overall, seems like a very very expensive mod that will add very little performance per dollar. You can gain more with turbo and a regular AWD swap, and not add hundreds of pounds.
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