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Hello my fellow 4g brothers, here’s my issue I was driving on the highway when my traction control turned off by its self and my cruise control wouldn’t set a speed. Both Traction Control Lights On the dash turned on and won’t turn off. I ran the code reader and got these codes, which came with the car when I bought it but these issues don’t seem to correlate with the problem.

“P0421 Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
P0431 Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2)”

Ive been running her fine but that traction & cruise control issue and my serpentine belt pulley was still squeaking if I laid on the gas hard enough, even after I changed the Serpentine belts .It doesn’t squeak as bad after I tighten the belts a bit more I don’t wanna over do it and break something I don’t have a Torque Wrench. If you guys got any advice for me or tips please let me know. Anything is appreciated👍🏽
(2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt 6 Speed Manual Roughly 97k Miles)
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