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What's your stats?

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I wanted to create a different post to compile the information from those in this community. Like many of you, I've owned various vehicles across the manufacturer spectrum. Since owning my 4th gen, I'm honestly floored at how reliable this machine has been. So, I'm curious to know about your experience. Feel free to post how many miles you've put on your car and any failures you've experienced. I'll start.

2007 GT Spyder
147,000 miles (purchased)
165,000 miles (current)

The car came with a bad O2 sensor and a much-needed tune-up, thanks to a high school kid that didn't understand maintenance.

Aside from the typical work like oil, brakes, and timing belt, the only failure I've experienced is a bust CV axle boot that slung grease everywhere - a relatively easy fix. Oh, and an evap canister valve - disassembly and cleaning took care of that.
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2009 Solar Yellow GT V6
purchased july 2021 w 29,000 mi
as of may 2023 at 45,000 mi
no issues so far
2012 Eclipse GS
Purchased October 2021 at 32,00 miles
Currently at about 55,000 miles
Clutch went out at 54,000 miles
I replaced the timing belt and water pump due to age
I've wanted to get my brakes flushed but one of my bleeder valves is broken on the caliper and I don't currently feel like replacing the caliper
Other than that mostly just regular maintenance
2006 GT
Purchased July 27th, 2005 with 57 miles
Currently at roughly 136k miles
Other then normal wear and maintenance, Ive had to replace the starter, the exhaust has been replaced from the front to the back, the passenger door check has been replaced twice, and the stupid interior door handles. The car also has the center display error issue. It is something that i can live with.
The radio, shifter cables and both manivertors were replaced under warranty.
2008 GT manual. Purchased August 2021 at 121k it's now at 143k

To be honest I've had a wealth of issues with the car but it just seems like a result of discare from previous owners. Its almost a restoration at this point. Within 3k miles of purchasing synchros in 5th and 6th went bad so new trans and also clutch and flywheel. All sway bar links were shot so new of those. Car couldn't get an alignment due to the entire rear of the car being seized uppp so all new rear suspension. Lowering the car on tien springs shot my cv axles. Those are being rebuilt in Colorado. I went through 5 driver axles and 2 passenger through Autozone and rockauto and they all were junk. Ac needed a recharge. Brakes were shot so new pads and rotors. Headliner was a mess with mold due to body welds in the car leaking so I sealed those with silicone and then refinished the whole headliner and A and C pillars to match. Timing belt and water pump had never been done so i did that myself too.

Thats all I can remember for now. As far as mods go I have new headlights, aftermarket wing. Boosted fabrication chromoly crossmember. New stage 1 luk clutch. Tien lowering springs on new KYB struts. Toyo Extensa HPII's for rubber on anovia night 18×9.5+22. Soon to have a cold air. OBX racing headers and a full 3" exhaust for maximum na power. And a carbon hood I have to restore.

Despite all the issues I love this car to death. I just wish they weren't as heavy hahahaa.
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2006 SE (GT) Auto. Purchased new May, 2006. Currently at 135,000 miles.

Mechanical issues include replacing failed CV boot, replaced both failed pre-cats w/ RRE headers, replaced battery ground wire, and recently replaced failed radiator with new OEM one.

So far it's easily the most reliable car I've had, and far less issues than any other car that family, friends, co-workers etc have had.
2009 GS. Bought in 2009 with 132k km. Abused as much as it has seen nice use. Not stock engine. Just shy of 200k km on it now. I'm amazed the suspension has held up as it has with all the abuse and being used on a track. Trans decided to die finally though. May be a wheel bearing on its way out.

2007 GT. Contains some original parts. Bought with ~150k km and a popped motor. Half of its mileage since built mid engine has been on the track. No OEM part failures come to mind. Still has stock control arms, steering (minus PS pump), engine, some chassis, windows, doors, hood, hood release, dashboard, pedals, braking system (minus hoses and lines and has 4 front calipers)... Well maintained. Worked hard.
Prior: 08 GS SE 5 speed - I got rid of it around 38k miles

My current:
2008 GT SE 6 speed
Bought: 1 owner from dealer with factory warranty still, 33kish miles in Jan 2012

Current: 95,000ish. Um 3 weeks after having it, thanks to cold weather, it had 1st and 2nd syncro's show their real problems and that they were shot, after many months of fight, mitsu warrantied and put a brand new transmission in it. The first year or so, it e-com clock failure, axle boot failure, rear hatch glass (the antenna was bad in it so they replaced that), 2013 we decided to do the timing belt,water pump, etc at around 54k miles because of all the other issues we had originally and didn't want to take any other risks. I have a packet of records for this car. I believe we had the abs pump recall and that was changed, some caliper replacements, I've replaced my sunroof already because of plastic clips on the rail system cracking, AC fixes, wheel speed sensors, rotors, plugs/gaskets, tie-rod ends, pretty sure hub assemblies, accessory belt and whatever pulley it was attached to that froze, I live in ohio so no surprise I had exhaust problems, had to replace my y pipe already. Oh and currently the stupid exterior A pillar. Plus a few batteries all other maintenance to keep it starting and running with minimal issues. But surprisingly, I've never been towed. I'm sure there is something missing from that list but yeah, still have a hard time letting her go because she is fun to drive.

I think my only issue currently is that I need o2 sensor replaced, I just haven't put it on.
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08 GT Auto 103K the timing belt replaced at 80K normal wear and tear, starts right up and the oil hardly get dirty.Has been very reliable,took a winter road trip from Florida to Oregon across Texas and up the west coast it ran perfect.P.S.Texas has a 85 MPH speed limit. :)
2007 GT 6spd. 130k Black, Leather seats, Sunroof, all stock (for now) but runs great.
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