I guess this is the thread you make before biting the bullet, was wondering if anyone had a totaled 2008 GT with a working engine? I have a guy here willing to do the labor for 120/hr (high I know) at 16 hours but cheapest we could find an engine would put the whole job at about $4300.

I got a rod knock in my engine so it's bound to go soon. Replaced the clutch, flywheel, tires, brakes recently so was hoping to get alot more mileage out of it (130k). Wondering if it's worth it or not, 4300 to stay alive, or I could just buy a new car and kit it out. Kept her in super clean shape still get compliments to this day but KBB value is barely over 6k at best.

What do ya'll think? Any good engine swap stories where the rest of the car ends up running for over 50k+ miles?

I would hate to leave the 4G club early... so sad right now man.